YellowTree Advisors – Catalysing liquidity and management solutions for private equity owners at a junction

YellowTree Advisors provides management and liquidity advisory to customers at a junction in their ownership of unquoted equity holdings. We analyse holdings, manage assets and seek liquidity solutions for your existing holdings. We assess future upside potential as well as perform Due Diligence on assets.

Many private equity and family office owners and fund managers work hard to find liquidity solutions for their portfolios of company equity holdings. Some holdings, however, never quite seem to get there. The other shareholders in those holdings do not want to sell yet, or the CEO recommends to wait until the ”next big order is won”. Often, the perceived stand-still situation is best explained by the fact that ”good companies often need longer time to develop than the private equity model allows for”. Whether you seek advice on the situation at hand, you seek alternative management solutions or wish to sell of the assets in a secondary or secondary direct transaction, YellowTree can help you.

YellowTree has handled several situations where the owner wants to find liquidity for their shares. All solutions are different and tailormade each time, but most of the solutions have in common that they offer the owner liquidity earlier than other alternatives or a new view on future value creation in the holding.

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